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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the ways that we creative types – whether we’re visual artists, artisans, crafters, writers, musicians – express our creativity and about how much that creativity permeates our lives. 

I’m a visual artist who spent a lot of years as a singer and songwriter and who has always been a writer of one sort or another.  I have a constant need to create in some way; for me, that translates into decorating my home (sewing all of the new draperies and bedding for my bedroom instead of buying them ready-made, for instance); making jewelry, which I’ll never do professionally, but I love making it; gardening (I’m a firm believer that most gardening enthusiasts are flexing their creative muscles); and so it goes…

I refinish furniture, I crochet a little, instead of painting I draw or felt, I make gifts for people rather than purchase them.  I go to art parties and make shrines and postcards and birdhouses and mosaics.  And I’m always thinking about something I might do, would do, should do, used to do.  A new medium?  A new story?  Sure!  It never stops…and I don’t want it to.

How do others express their creativity outside their primary medium or field?  What do you do?  And what does it do for you?


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